Noah Levine and Dharma Punx

Inner Peace / Outer Action

We making short videos in 2005 out of a desire to document and share our exploration of spiritual approaches to social change. When individuals are given a sense of possibility and a means for communion, then they have the capacity to come together and birth imaginative solutions rooted from deep compassion.

This vlog explores perspectives on inner peace/outer action from spiritual activists: Jack Kornfield, Noah Levine, Tarra Christoff and Dominic Allamano.

Update: Check out this great article Generation Awakening about an emerging generation of social activists by Tarra Christoff.

Music: “Shhhhhh” by ASHWAN via

Jack Kornfield on Meditation and Happiness

Circle Center

Nurturing Touch through Somatic Inquiry

Preventative Care Using Integrative Medicine

Empowerment Through Yoga

Cultivating Energy with Qi Gong

The Great Turning

The Universal

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This audio clip features some quotes from Peter Russell and Duane Elgin about the future of the Internet. These interviews were conducted in July of 2005.

"I think what's happening in the world is that we're starting to develop a reflective consciousness, a witnessing consciousness. In the spiritual traditions of the world as well as in psychotherapy, fundamental to that is the capacity to be able to witness oneself in your own life process. And I think that we're bringing that same competency, that same capacity to ourselves collectively as an entire world civilization." - Duane Elgin

"There's going to be a deeper sense of connecting -- a deeper sense of connecting with each other where we really begin to empathize with each other, a much more compassionate connecting, and that's what we all want in our lives. And when we meet somebody, we don't just want to sit across from them and exchange ideas or theories or what we did in the day. We may start like that, but ultimately we want to get deeper and closer, we want to open up, we want to be more intimate in where we are, what we believe, what we feel, what drives us, what our passions are. We want to make connection. And I think that's where the Internet is going. It's allowing us to make connection one-to-one or one-to-many, or many-to-many -- that heart-to-heart connection where we feel compassion, empathy, understanding, and that's what nourishes us." - Peter Russell

It also features a great song called "People" by cdk.

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