Symposium Astrologica
Photo of the PSA Faculty at the 2014 interactive workshop-style conference
hosted by the Portland School Of Astrology and the Oregon Astrological Association

Testimonials, Artwork & Highlights from Previous Classes

Here are some Highlights from the Spring 2014 Plants & Planets Class
Here are some highlights from the Spring 2014 Dreaming the Planets Workshop
Here are some highlights from the Spring 2014 Relationships & Sexuality Class
Here are some highlights from the Winter 2014 Plants & Planets Class
Here are some highlights from the Winter 2014 Sacred Feminine Class
Here are some highlights from the Fall 2013 Plants & Planets Class
Here are some highlights from the Summer 2013 Plants & Planets
Here are some highlights from the Summer 2013 Intro Class on Flower Essences
Here are some highlights from the Spring 2013 Plants & Planets Class
Here are some highlights from the Spring 2013 Intro Class on Flower Essences
Here are some highlights from the Winter 2013 Intro Class on Flower Essences
Here are some highlights from the Winter 2012 Intro Class on Flower Essences

"Even though I have several flower remedy books and had used essences before, the class helped me to feel more capable in choosing, using and even helping others. It seems we need all the help we can get during these stressful, changing times in the world and our lives. The eight person group setting was very helpful and supportive. I learned from others and was able to feel some of the other students experiences with the remedies. I'm now excited to learn more, using my passion for studying the planets and how flowers can work with them to ease difficult transits and transitions. Thanks again Jen, you're sharing, caring helpful ways are much appreciated."
~ Alice, Grandmother

"The Plants and Planets Flower Essence class with Jen Gouvea and Jaysen Paulson was terrific! I went in with very little knowledge about flower essence formulas or the workings of my own natal chart. Jen and Jaysen delivered the information in a way that was easy for a beginner to understand but would also be effective for all levels of understanding. The group was just the right size so that we all had time to discuss our experiences and have questions answered. I liked the format in that we each received a flower essence on the first night and were able to talk about our journey and reflect on plant and planet influences on those experiences. I would highly recommend this class to those who are interested. I would also recommend, to those wanting to learn more about a large variety of flower essences, checking out Jen's other courses."
~ Chelsea, Naturopathic Student

"I would like to express my appreciate for Jen Gouvea’s and Jaysen Paulson’s class. I found the material intriguing and personally significant as they relate current astrological events and the life challenges of their students directly to the material. That class sizes are small gives everyone the chance for individualized attention and we are all given the opportunity to share and learn from each other. I am definitely integrating some of their fascinating material into my own work as healing practitioner, counselor, and minister. I highly recommend it or both experienced healing facilitators, those starting out in the field, and those who are merely curious. There is something for everyone here."
~ Kurt, Proffesional Counselor

"Through the Flower Essence and Astrology series with Jen and JayP, I have been empowered to further my personal journey in a deeper way than I've ever experienced. I first took Jen's Flower Essence class, learning and using a custom flower essence she chose for me. So I had already witnessed a profound awakening in my body and soul, as the flower essence helped me personally to explore and assert my life desires. Taking the class with Jen and JayP has given me a wonderful introduction to Astrology, and blended it with knowledge of the flower essences. My life and myself have changed so much over this short period of time, but it's more as if I'm awakening to who I am and am learning how to honor and move toward that person. I'm incredibly grateful to have received the amazing support and deep knowledge that both of these teachers have to share with others. During this time I've begun a journey of self discovery and personal power, making changes in my life that I'd felt were just beneath the surface for the past several years. I feel like I have been awakened, and am reconnecting with my entire body and soul. Some big changes are occurring in my life now, and I'm ready to embrace them."
~ Melissa, Student

"Through Jen and this class, I've begun a journey with Flower Essences which has been like a new ingredient in the cauldron of self discovery that I've been stirring. The experience of these last four weeks has reminded me of the Interconnectedness of All. The web, the rhythm, the pulse, the lifeblood, the river, the circle/cycle of it all is so present for me. Learning a new modality for healing, this in-depth process, that I'd not not been aware of previously, has really affirmed my perspective about our connection with/to Nature. We are not separate. We are not above. We are not in charge. We are not Masters. We have so much to learn and we've forgotten. Anyway, I'm waxing philosophical, BUT - I feel tremendous gratitude and I'm excited to continue this work. I've come to listen to my Self in a new way. I've begun to look at the idea of Trust in a new way, with all my senses. I feel that I have awakened a new sense in myself, a sixth sense, or an extra sense of Knowing in my Self that has been dormant. It's like I'm regrowing nerve endings that had been previously deadened."
~ Hannalies, Nanny

"Jen's introductory flower essence class has been fantastic! I have really enjoyed reading the animal case studies on the FES website and the information on essences for shelter animals, feral cats and rescue workers themselves. I am excited to put flower essences to greater use in the shelter where I work and look forward to incorporating them further into my own life as well."
~ Kelley, Animal Rescue Worker

“I signed up for Jen’s flower essence class out of curiosity. I attended the first class not even really knowing what flower essences were. The classes were very informative. Jen has an extraordinary depth of knowledge about the flowers and their healing properties. Her enthusiasm in teaching the subject was delightful. The information she shared was interesting and insightful. I am intrigued enough to want to explore flower essences in my own healing process. I look forward to further studies with her.”
~ Lee Ann, Accountant

"After taking Jen Gouvea's "Introduction to Flower Essences" class an entirely new spiritual tool opened for me. I knew very little about flower essences and found Jen's warm and welcoming teaching style and packed curriculum a wonderful way to be introduced to this fascinating subject. The field is vast and leads the curious student to many opportunities to explore a lot of research and data driven practices. Despite what might be overwhelming for the novice, Jen made the experience fun, easy, and inviting. I highly recommend Jen as a masterful guide into this realm of personal growth and healing."
~ Susan, Retired Educator

“Jen has a rare combination of intuitive and academic talents. Her 5-week class on flower essences opened the door to a world I knew little about. She encouraged us to form a personal relationship with the flower essences we were drawn to, while at the same time learning as much as possible about the plants' physical and spiritual qualities. I fell in love with the flower essence I was studying. I was amazed at its gentle power and ability to assist my growth.”
~ Paula, College Instructor

"I took the Plants and Planets Flower Essence class hoping to learn more about astrology and flower essences. Jen and JayP create a warm and thoughtful class, where I felt comfortable asking questions. They are both knowledgeable and attentive to nurturing the students in the class. I learned much more than I expected. We focused on using astrology to put our own lives in perspective. We practiced with flower essences and the support they give our spirits. There was growth. This was a valuable experience for me. With the flower essence I took I felt an immediate change, like my whole being was poised to the signal I received from the essence. The first week was a huge change, as I started to piece together the information I needed to accomplish my goals. The second week was more calm, with the changes slowly working their way through the energy system. The third week I began to notice manifestations of the change. Memories of wishes and dreams were remembered. This fourth week it seems they are starting to take form."
~ Denise, Artist

"Jen Gouvea’s Introduction to Flower Essences class has been a great experience. Jen gentle and intuitive yet science based approach to guiding you to the needed flower essence was wonderful. Jen is very passionate about flower essences and her enthusiastic Spirit inspires. Jen expanded my knowledge of how powerful, yet gentle the flower essences can be when used wisely. I hope to study the flower essences with Jen some more in the future because she has an extensive study, knowledge and experience using the flower essences."
~ Deborah, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner

Flower Essences are vibrational remedies that are similar to Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong and homeopathy. They are an excellent complementary modality to be used alongside counseling and other kinds of somatic bodywork. This course will introduce you to using flower essences to facilitate emotional and spiritual transformation. Students will learn about principles of vibrational medicine, the history of flower essences, and the field of flower essence therapy. Students will also learn to understand the properties of the flowers and how to choose flower essences for specific healing themes.

In this experiential class students will participate by keeping a flower essence journal and by completing a small personal flower essence project.I will be donating a free flower essence formula for each person in the class so that they can learn to work with essences according to their own personal healing theme.