VerDarLuz on Integrating Astrology with Different Healing Modalities and Embodied Practices

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VerDarLuz is an astrologer who integrates shamanism, past-life regression, breathwork, meditation, dance and movement with the cosmic language of astrology. He talks about different sections from his recently published his first book Codex of the Soul: Astrology as a Spiritual Practice, Vol. 1 The StArchetypal Theater. He sees a lot of potential in synthesizing different archetypal and healing languages, and has a desire to uncover the language of astrology that is present in our daily lives. VerDarLuz discusses planetary rights of passage and initiation cycles, intergenerational dialogue as well as generational astrology. He talks about how the language of astrology can be used by parents and teachers to help a child fully blossom into their potential by individualizing the education process, as well as how Astrocartography can be used for both relocation and riding the energy of transits that are particularly strong in a specific time and place.

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