Rick Levine: Quantum Astrology and Free Will

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Rick Levine writes for StarIQ.com and Tarot.com and co-authors a yearly Your Astrology Guide with Jeff Jawer. Levine describes astrology as a map of time that doesn't tell you "what" is going to happen, but rather "when" something is going to happen. To Levine, astrology is more like an emotional weather report that can tell you when certain pressures are building up by looking at various transits, and that it is up to the individual to prepare and respond to these natural cycles. Levine describes his philosophy of Quantum Astrology and explains his perspective on the pre-destination / free will duality by using metaphors from Quantum physics. By looking through the quantum lens of interconnectedness, he sees that it's up to an astrologer to merely tell a client what archtypical dynamics are happening rather than predicting any specific event that could actually influence the final outcome. Finally, he talks about the merits of Sun Sign Astrology and how it is a valid holographic component of the astrological map of time.

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