Philip Sedgwick: Integrating New Celestial Bodies into Astrology

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Philip Sedwick is interested in exploring the astrology of trans-Neptunian objects as well as celestial bodies beyond our solar system in what is called Deep Space Astrology and Whole Sky astrology. Sedwick talks about how astrologers can integrate the discovery of newly discovered celestial bodies by using the mythological stories associated with the names provided by the astronomers. He talks about one astronomer in particular named Mike Brown, who has been discovering a lot of these objects. Brown wrote a blog post called "I ♥ Astrologers", and Sedwick talks about the relationship between astronomers and astrologers. Sedwick also explains the difference between sun sign astrology for the masses and natal chart astrology for an individual, as well as how astrologers make interpretations and how the language of astrology has developed over time.

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