Linda Star Wolf on Shamanic Breathwork

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In this interview, Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D. gives an overview of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process that she founded. She's the co-founder and co-director of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, and the Transformation House Process at the Isis Cove Community Retreat Center in western North Carolina.

After a brief meditation, Star Wolf talks about the Shamanic Breathwork™ process in detail as well as how it differs from other Breathwork techniques such as Stanislav Grof's Holotropic Breathwork™, Jacqueline Small & Eupsychia Institute's Integrative Breathwork and Pranayama Yoga Breathing. She talks about the unique components of the Breathwork process including the sacred witnessing by a co-journeyer, the use of chakra-attuned music, and a heart-centering meditation at the beginning and end of the journey. She also shares some of her own personal experiences and sychronicities that have followed from her various journeys. From our own experience with the Shamanic Breathwork process, we can definitely attest to the potent personal transformation that happens from this modality. Star Wolf also mentions the Breath America event in Portland, OR, which was a free event that was held for 80 participants and was organized by Pam Sophia Savory and Barb Magdalena Westover of Freedom Rising Spiritual Community.

Shamanic Breathwork book

I have recently read and will re-read and re-read..... Most effective and facilitated me getting deep in touch with my real self via journeying. Linda is a Star healer!

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