Curtis Manwaring: Software for Hellenistic Astrology

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Curtis Manwaring started work on Project Hindsight in the mid-90s. He created a software program called the Delphic Oracle that incorporates ancient techniques of Hellenistic Astrology to investigate birth charts. He explains different techniques used from this period such as the Time Lord System and Zodiacal Releasing as well as how these techniques have influenced his own life path.

Great collection!

Wow, what an amazing collection of interviews! Unique and a great addition to the astrological resources online. Congratulations.

I found it through the Uranus collection on the 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon.
Best regards, Donna Cunningham

Incorrect site

The site for my astrology software is not on the Project Hindsight website and they have not updated that info in quite a while. The most up to date info can be found on

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