Chris Brennan: Philosophy and Techniques of Hellenistic Astrology

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Chris Brennan was exposed to a number of different astrological traditions while studying at Kepler College, and moved away from his roots in modern psychological astrology after discovering more philosophical coherence from Hellenistic astrology. He talks a bit about the evolution of astrological concepts, and the cycles of re-integrating historical astrology into contemporary astrology. Brennan is much more into the predictive techniques of Hellenistic astrology, and because of some of his experiences, he holds a contrarian view from the humanistic perspective of free will and provides some opposing determinist perspectives. Brennan is definitely in the minority of the fate vs. free will debate within astrological community in this regard, but sees this as an emerging tension and hot topic. He also talks about the resurgence Hellenistic astrology and some of the specific techniques he commonly uses in his readings such as the Time Lord Systems and Zodiacal Releasing work. Finally, Brennan talks about the Association for Young Astrologers, and what it's like being a 'young astrologer' within the broader astrological community.

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