Bill Johnston: Project Hindsight and Hellenistic Astrology

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Bill Johnston discusses his involvement with Project Hindsight, whose purpose is to rediscover the genetic strands of modern horoscopic astrology by translating the ancient texts of Hellenistic Astrology. He talks about the challenges of translating these texts from Greek to English and of finding the proper meaning for these esoteric concepts, which requires a vast amount of reading. Johnston's personal interest began when he was trying to find the right house system that resonated with his identity and natal chart, and found that the Whole Sign House system used in Hellenistic astrology provided the most resonance. He talks a bit about some of the key texts from Vettius Valens and the translation efforts of the Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum (CCAG), and then discusses the evolution and synthesis of different techniques throughout the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras. Finally, Johnston explains the benefits of incorporating traditional techniques into modern astrology, and gives an overview of how these rediscovered techniques have been tested by applying them to biographies of famous figures such as Albert Einstein.

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