Alan Oken: Astrology & Consciousness

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Alan Oken is the author of many books about Astrology and a teacher of ancient wisdom. He describes astrology as an instrument for reflecting human consciousness and human dynamics, and for helping develop intuition and perception of energetic qualities. Oken believes astrology can helpful in defining your egocentric identity as well as discovering your soul purpose of engaged service. He speaks about his own chart in the language of astrology, and has a deep understanding of who he is and why he's here.

Oken describes the mechanism of astrology through the phrase of "As Above, So Below" and the "Law of Correspondences," which describes a holographic relationship between the micro and macro realities. He describes astrology as "a clock that expresses transcendental synchronicity" between the two different levels of consciousness of the planetary movements and life on earth. Oken talks about how astrologers add their observations and perceptions to the intuitive science of astrology through the example of Melanie Reinhart's contribution to the archetype of Chiron. Finally, he reflects on his work as an astrologer over the past forty years and how he's had a "rather interesting incarnation."

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