Adam Gainsburg: Soulsign Astrology and Chiron

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Adam Gainsburg is a heart-centered, sound healer and the founder of Soulsign astrology. He describes how he uses the intuitive science of astrology and meditation to assist clients in finding their authentic path of growth. Gainsburg talks about his perspective on archetypes and storytelling from the natal chart, and how the narratives can hold people back if they become too attached to them. He explains his primary natal chart interpretation strategy of using the lunar nodes, the rulerships of the nodes and the aspects to the nodes. Finally, he describes how the Chiron wound of "our belief and our separation from source" is related to four levels of healing: the sacred wound, the broken-open heart, the sacred medicine, and the medicine walk.

Soulsign astrology

So far this is the most fascinating talk on rulerships and nodes I've heard in a long time. Thanks Adam.

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