Jen Gouvea

Jen Gouvea
Jen Gouvea, MSW is fascinated by plants, planets & people. Since 2004 she's been researching how people transform through the combination of depth-counseling, astrology and flower essences. Her Russian Jewish and Portuguese Catholic heritage have influenced her to develop a deep love of mysticism and the soulful exploration of emotions.

She is a certified Flower Essence practitioner through The Flower Essence Society. Her educational background includes a master's of social work where she has experience working with women's issues, children and teens, relationships, diversity, trauma, and grief. She also has experience using mind-body techniques to work with clients in substance abuse recovery as well as with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. Jen spent seven years as the program director of a nonprofit in Baltimore city where she participated in community arts projects and the production of videos about social justice and education issues for youth empowerment.

Jen has studied astrology through personal apprenticeship with notable astrologers Adam Gainsburg, Donna Cunningham and Emily Trinkaus. She is an instructor at The Portland School of Astrology.

She has also apprenticed with pioneering Flower Essence Practitioners Dr. Sabina Pettitt and Camilla Blossom. Jen works with the local flowers of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon/Washington and the Columbia Gorge as well as North American and English flower essences in her practice.

She is a certified Breathwork facilitator through the The Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Jen is currently co-writing a book with Jaysen Paulson titled "Plants & Planets: Herbal Medicine, Flower Essence Therapy and Astrology."