Flower Essences for the Virgo Moon

Virgo is the devoted healer, the physician, and the humble worker bee who is motivated by the urge to be of service to others. She finds fulfillment through the development of meaningful skills that offer autonomy and an internal sense of competence, pride, and integrity.

Virgo wants to develop practical skills. She may be interested in work that involves health and the body such as yoga, complementary medicine, bodywork, nutrition and healthcare. Virgo energy is about mastering discernment, efficiency, and attention to detail. She enjoys working on challenges that require precise thinking such as herbalism, crafting, technology and accounting.

While Virgo’s need to be helpful is endearing. She can sometimes get “stuck in the trees” without being able to “see the forest”. When this happens she can become petty, overly critical and fussy and may begin to pick on herself or others. Virgo is driven by the quest to make things whole and the need to develop order through examining what is not working and by creating strategies for improvement. However, she needs to remember to relax and let go of impossible standards of perfection that can lead to workaholic patterns and burnout.

During the Virgo Moon it can be a good time to analyze your habits and daily routines. You may want to organize your home or workspace and reflect on how you can develop more nurturing routines and satisfying methods for approaching work and service.