Sticky Monekyflower

Flower Essences for the Scorpio Moon

Flower Essences are a healing modality that exemplify the watery process of transformation from which the Scorpio type thrives. During the Scorpio Full Moon we are reminded of the importance of looking into the shadows and the depths of our being. What do you need to surrender and release in order to align with your own empowerment and vitality? How do you connect to the world that lies beyond the physical for sustenance? The occult, death, sex, and birth are all experiences that fall under the domain of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign of the psychologist, the healer, the sex worker and the investigator. Instinctual and tenacious she thrives off intimacy and emotional intensity. She has capacity to heal others through her ability to offer deep insight and concentrated attention. She is known for her depth of perception, focus, and ability to endure. Attracted to the taboo, she can be drawn to anything mysterious, exotic or dangerous. She needs to avoid self destructive tendencies and instead choose constructive risks that lead to a sense of empowerment.

This watery intuitive sign values intimacy and wants to merge with others in order to grow into a new experiences and understanding of the self. Passionate and resourceful she is exploring her own relationship to power and thrives by exploring the undercurrents. Scorpio wants to transcend limits, share resources, and exchange energy in the effort to incorporate in herself new ways of being that offer regeneration. She is a lover of politics, psychology, and a master of crises.