Flower Essences for the Aries Moon

The Aries new moon is a powerful time to reflect and make intentions for new beginnings. Journaling and collage art can be a great way to explore what you want to call into your life over the next year.

Aries, the brave and pioneering warrior is learning to trust her insticts to initiate action. The feisty Ram enjoys situations that challenge her to develop courage, strength, and independence. The raw primitive energy of Aries in its highest expression is passion, vital life force, and enthusiasm.

Negative Aries energy can express itself as an impulsivity that alienates or harms others. When anger is feared or repressed it can give rise to unhealthy, violent, and aggressive shadow expressions. Withholding, passive aggression, explosiveness, and controlling behaviors can be a result of misdirected fire forces.

In its positive form Aries, the spiritual warrior, is able to initiate leadership for the highest good. She chooses her battles strategically and knows how to authentically communicate her needs. She gracefully declares clear boundaries freeing herself to focus her attention on assertive action rather than projections.

The Aries moon can be a good time to evaluate how you assert your will. Vigorous exercise, martial arts, singing/shouting, artistic catharsis, and writing are all activities that can release fire.