Flower Essences for the Capricorn Moon

Ambitious Capricorn craves achievement and enjoys endeavors that challenge her to develop mastery. She is practical and disciplined and may feel compelled toward leadership because of her desire to make a meaningful contribution to society. This can be expressed through her career or through a calling in her local community. Patient and pragmatic she is able to delay gratification for the sake of clearly defining and reaching her long-term goals.

Earthy by nature, she stays connected to her inner authority and creativity by developing routines that align her with the body, her higher knowing, and a connection to mother earth. These practices help her to manifest a lifestyle that is congruent with her authentic passions.

Conservative Capricorn values tradition. Her standards for relationships are high. She may be cautious about opening the door to her heart because she wishes to cultivate connections that offer her consistency, grounding and commitment. Her need for privacy may give rise to a struggle with vulnerability, which can result in feelings of loneliness. It may be healing for her to cultivate relationships with people who are older such as mentors, elders, and bosses.

We live in an overly-driven technological and media-defined culture that reveres earning money for the sake of security, status, and materialism. This intention leaves many people feeling enslaved to professions that leave them out of touch with their body’s natural rhythms and functioning in workplace environments where they are unhappy, drained, and feel de-valued.