Highlights from Spring 2014: Plants & Planets

"Astrology is AMAZING! I’ve been skeptical but I feel like I’ve just had an X-ray of my soul taken….like the insight of years of therapy, but better. The clarity of seeing my most fundamental traits and patterns through this vocabulary is astonishing. If anyone is feeling “stuck” in your life and seeking insight on what your gifts and challenges in this lifetime are all about, or on the ways that you are here on earth to evolve and develop then Portland School of Astrology comes with my highest recommendation!"
~ Isobel, Social worker

"I mentioned in class before that it felt like much of the static in my brain died away, so I could see what I needed for my next step. Some of my vital force has returned; for the past two weeks, I've eaten a good breakfast and lunch-taking the time to nurture myself in that way (which is a biggie, because although I've never struggled with eating disorders, feeding myself with good food has always seemed exhausting to me). The first 2 weeks of taking the formula felt like a release for me and I have received many insights to things that previously I would have gone around and around in trying to figure out. I really loved the format of the class and both Jen and JP are great teachers!"
~ Erin, Student

"I am inspired to contribute to pursuing astrology and it is nice to have met a beautiful group of people, that is open-minded and supportive."
~ Minh, Interior Designer

This music piece and lyrics were created by a student to represent the archetypal Aries moon, which is her moon sign. Aries is the impulsive warrior spirit and pioneer who calls on her independent and creative will to engage in life.


I am the cardinal fire
I am the first thing ever
I am the springtime fever
I am fervent desire
I am rash dynamism
I am emphatic bravado

I am
The ram
When you notice me
leading the pack,
if you dare step up

Highlights from Winter 2014: Plants & Planets

This is a song written by a student to describe her experience in the class~

The moon is rising
I see it full
shining on me
I see a mountain
towering over
threatening to crumble on me.

And it's times like these
I feel so small and meek
Just a drop inside the ocean
vast and deep.

Then I look to the mountain
And I see my face carved out of its stone
Plunge in the water.

Let it begin to sink into my bones
Looking around I see the plants that dance for me
Asleep in the boughs of mother cedar tree
Bow to the elder roots grow into me.

The road is ramblin'
dark with just the light of your own heart to see
Hold out your lantern
Find it's just enough to illuminate your feet.

And it's times like these
I feel so small and meek
Just a drop inside the ocean
vast and deep.

Looking around I see
the sun the moon the sea
the love of the planets
flowers stars and trees
Awash in a dance
of cosmic unity.

written by Kaley Iacovetta ~

Several students commented that the Plants & Planets experience of shared witnessing enabled them to feel a deep sense of unity with the cosmos and each other. Each participant worked with an individualized healing formula in-depth for one month. During the class the students also received a copy of their natal chart and an astrology map of key terms. Basic natal themes in the chart and key transits were discussed. Participants learned about their personal moon (how you find nourishment), nodal themes (how you are growing) and aspects in their natal chart (current cosmological weather). They learned about how the natal chart can offer insight into lifestyle choices that honor temperament in a nonjudgemental way. There was a large emphasis on being present with emotions and opening to the inner space with the opportunity to create artwork and share insights.