Flower Essences for the Gemini Moon

Gemini the journalist and storyteller wants to gather the facts and details and enjoys classifying the data into categories and themes. She is developing the ability to reason and articulate clearly. This may involve participating in activities that strengthen the left brain such as formal education, speaking, writing, listening and teaching.

This chatty and curious student is on a quest to learn and gather a diversity of perspectives so she can break free from limited patterns of thinking. She enjoys relationships that are based on proximity such as with siblings, neighbors and housemates. As an open minded messenger she is often clever, sociable, and witty. Similar to a transistor radio following a signal, she follows her intuition by pursuing her eclectic interests which may include short trips, classes and workshops. Her path of inquiry can seem erratic and incongruous but it eventually leads to patterns of knowledge that make sense holistically once all the parts of the puzzle are gathered.

During this technology age of change, quick access to information exchange and mental expansion many of us can become become distracted, restless, anxious and consumed with indecision. During the Gemini Moon it in can be a good time to slow down and examine how you might cultivate mental stress reduction and centering techniques that allow you to hear and express your own inner truth and voice through activities such as meditation, automatic writing, journaling, sound healing, and singing. My housemates seems to love karoake and binaural beats for this reason!