Flower Essences for the Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius, the eternal student yearns to connect to a greater reality. She is the Centaur (half animal/half human) with a wild gypsy heart who enthusiastically follows her instincts and intuition on the call for adventure. She enjoys activities that allow her explore and expand such as: travel, sports, education and philosophy. She is known for her easygoing, upbeat and optimistic nature.

Sagittarius is the archer. She keeps her gaze focused on the horizon and thrives when accumulating new experiences which enable her to acquire higher vision. She is seeking to develop faith in life’s purpose and meaning. Her pursuit of knowledge leads her to eventually become the wise teacher.

She is also the missionary who can become self-righteous and dogmatic when she becomes too attached to her version of truth. Fiery and easily restless she may struggle with commitment and accepting limitation. She sometimes overestimates her competence leading her into situations where lack of caution can sabotage her.

In what areas of life have you become stuck in a rut?
Where do you feel restricted and restless?
What activities would you like to engage in that can lead you to expand your worldview?
How can you renew your sense of freedom, faith and trust?

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Here are some flower essences that support these Sagittarius themes.