Highlights from Spring 2014: Plants & Planets

"Astrology is AMAZING! I’ve been skeptical but I feel like I’ve just had an X-ray of my soul taken….like the insight of years of therapy, but better. The clarity of seeing my most fundamental traits and patterns through this vocabulary is astonishing. If anyone is feeling “stuck” in your life and seeking insight on what your gifts and challenges in this lifetime are all about, or on the ways that you are here on earth to evolve and develop then Portland School of Astrology comes with my highest recommendation!"
~ Isobel, Social worker

"I mentioned in class before that it felt like much of the static in my brain died away, so I could see what I needed for my next step. Some of my vital force has returned; for the past two weeks, I've eaten a good breakfast and lunch-taking the time to nurture myself in that way (which is a biggie, because although I've never struggled with eating disorders, feeding myself with good food has always seemed exhausting to me). The first 2 weeks of taking the formula felt like a release for me and I have received many insights to things that previously I would have gone around and around in trying to figure out. I really loved the format of the class and both Jen and JP are great teachers!"
~ Erin, Student

"I am inspired to contribute to pursuing astrology and it is nice to have met a beautiful group of people, that is open-minded and supportive."
~ Minh, Interior Designer

This music piece and lyrics were created by a student to represent the archetypal Aries moon, which is her moon sign. Aries is the impulsive warrior spirit and pioneer who calls on her independent and creative will to engage in life.


I am the cardinal fire
I am the first thing ever
I am the springtime fever
I am fervent desire
I am rash dynamism
I am emphatic bravado

I am
The ram
When you notice me
leading the pack,
if you dare step up

Flower Essences for the Capricorn Moon

Ambitious Capricorn craves achievement and enjoys endeavors that challenge her to develop mastery. She is practical and disciplined and may feel compelled toward leadership because of her desire to make a meaningful contribution to society. This can be expressed through her career or through a calling in her local community. Patient and pragmatic she is able to delay gratification for the sake of clearly defining and reaching her long-term goals.

Earthy by nature, she stays connected to her inner authority and creativity by developing routines that align her with the body, her higher knowing, and a connection to mother earth. These practices help her to manifest a lifestyle that is congruent with her authentic passions.

Conservative Capricorn values tradition. Her standards for relationships are high. She may be cautious about opening the door to her heart because she wishes to cultivate connections that offer her consistency, grounding and commitment. Her need for privacy may give rise to a struggle with vulnerability, which can result in feelings of loneliness. It may be healing for her to cultivate relationships with people who are older such as mentors, elders, and bosses.

We live in an overly-driven technological and media-defined culture that reveres earning money for the sake of security, status, and materialism. This intention leaves many people feeling enslaved to professions that leave them out of touch with their body’s natural rhythms and functioning in workplace environments where they are unhappy, drained, and feel de-valued.

Flower Essences for the Cancer Moon

Intuitive and sensitive Cancer embodies the lunar feminine. She is deeply attuned to her inner life and her shifting emotions correspond to the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide and the moon’s changing cycles. To cultivate your own connection to the moon check out these 3 tele-classes on sale for only $6 through Portland School of Astrology: Flower Essences for Moon Signs and the Sacred Feminine by Jen Gouvea, Working with the Moon for Personal Empowerment by Rhea Wolf, and Working with the Moon for Personal Productivity by Jaysen Paulson

Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and needs to create a nurturing nest and haven to insulate herself from an insecure world. Like a turtle or a crab she erects a hard shell in order to protect her delicate underbelly. When she embraces open-hearted listening to the intensity of her emotions she is able to develop new levels of empathy, emotional awareness, and maturity that can lead to greater intimacy.

Flower Essences for the Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius, the eternal student yearns to connect to a greater reality. She is the Centaur (half animal/half human) with a wild gypsy heart who enthusiastically follows her instincts and intuition on the call for adventure. She enjoys activities that allow her explore and expand such as: travel, sports, education and philosophy. She is known for her easygoing, upbeat and optimistic nature.

Sagittarius is the archer. She keeps her gaze focused on the horizon and thrives when accumulating new experiences which enable her to acquire higher vision. She is seeking to develop faith in life’s purpose and meaning. Her pursuit of knowledge leads her to eventually become the wise teacher.

She is also the missionary who can become self-righteous and dogmatic when she becomes too attached to her version of truth. Fiery and easily restless she may struggle with commitment and accepting limitation. She sometimes overestimates her competence leading her into situations where lack of caution can sabotage her.

In what areas of life have you become stuck in a rut?
Where do you feel restricted and restless?
What activities would you like to engage in that can lead you to expand your worldview?
How can you renew your sense of freedom, faith and trust?

To learn more about the Moon, Flower Essences & Astrology you can purchase my tele-class "Flower Essences for the Moon and the Sacred Feminine" here.

Here are some flower essences that support these Sagittarius themes.

Flower Essences for the Gemini Moon

Gemini the journalist and storyteller wants to gather the facts and details and enjoys classifying the data into categories and themes. She is developing the ability to reason and articulate clearly. This may involve participating in activities that strengthen the left brain such as formal education, speaking, writing, listening and teaching.

This chatty and curious student is on a quest to learn and gather a diversity of perspectives so she can break free from limited patterns of thinking. She enjoys relationships that are based on proximity such as with siblings, neighbors and housemates. As an open minded messenger she is often clever, sociable, and witty. Similar to a transistor radio following a signal, she follows her intuition by pursuing her eclectic interests which may include short trips, classes and workshops. Her path of inquiry can seem erratic and incongruous but it eventually leads to patterns of knowledge that make sense holistically once all the parts of the puzzle are gathered.

During this technology age of change, quick access to information exchange and mental expansion many of us can become become distracted, restless, anxious and consumed with indecision. During the Gemini Moon it in can be a good time to slow down and examine how you might cultivate mental stress reduction and centering techniques that allow you to hear and express your own inner truth and voice through activities such as meditation, automatic writing, journaling, sound healing, and singing. My housemates seems to love karoake and binaural beats for this reason!

Flower Essences for the Scorpio Moon

Flower Essences are a healing modality that exemplify the watery process of transformation from which the Scorpio type thrives. During the Scorpio Full Moon we are reminded of the importance of looking into the shadows and the depths of our being. What do you need to surrender and release in order to align with your own empowerment and vitality? How do you connect to the world that lies beyond the physical for sustenance? The occult, death, sex, and birth are all experiences that fall under the domain of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign of the psychologist, the healer, the sex worker and the investigator. Instinctual and tenacious she thrives off intimacy and emotional intensity. She has capacity to heal others through her ability to offer deep insight and concentrated attention. She is known for her depth of perception, focus, and ability to endure. Attracted to the taboo, she can be drawn to anything mysterious, exotic or dangerous. She needs to avoid self destructive tendencies and instead choose constructive risks that lead to a sense of empowerment.

This watery intuitive sign values intimacy and wants to merge with others in order to grow into a new experiences and understanding of the self. Passionate and resourceful she is exploring her own relationship to power and thrives by exploring the undercurrents. Scorpio wants to transcend limits, share resources, and exchange energy in the effort to incorporate in herself new ways of being that offer regeneration. She is a lover of politics, psychology, and a master of crises.

Flower Essences for the Taurus Moon

During the Taurus Moon it can be a good time to explore your relationship with resources and money. Where do you struggle with issues around scarcity? How do you cultivate survival strategies and create dependable foundations? Are you using your resources wisely?

Taurus is the earth mother, the yoga teacher, the gardener and the entrepreneur. Sensual Taurus finds comfort and peace in her body by connecting to nature and nourishing food. She values serenity and appreciates being able to follow her own rhythms. Loyal Taurus enjoys routines and consistency. Like a cow chewing grass in an open field she cultivates emotional steadiness, patience and contentment.

This security oriented sign has a clear sense of her values and needs which determine her self esteem and self worth. Taurus is the savvy manifestor, she persists by managing her resources to become self sustaining. She takes the time to build a solid and practical base.

Negative Taurus can express herself as materialistic and stubborn. When she is fearful she may become overly attached to the material realm seeking a false sense of protection and control through stockpiling belongings. When this happens she can becomes resistant to healthy changes that allow her to receive new life force. Constricted and stubborn she becomes stuck in the mud.

Flower Essences for the Aries Moon

The Aries new moon is a powerful time to reflect and make intentions for new beginnings. Journaling and collage art can be a great way to explore what you want to call into your life over the next year.

Aries, the brave and pioneering warrior is learning to trust her insticts to initiate action. The feisty Ram enjoys situations that challenge her to develop courage, strength, and independence. The raw primitive energy of Aries in its highest expression is passion, vital life force, and enthusiasm.

Negative Aries energy can express itself as an impulsivity that alienates or harms others. When anger is feared or repressed it can give rise to unhealthy, violent, and aggressive shadow expressions. Withholding, passive aggression, explosiveness, and controlling behaviors can be a result of misdirected fire forces.

In its positive form Aries, the spiritual warrior, is able to initiate leadership for the highest good. She chooses her battles strategically and knows how to authentically communicate her needs. She gracefully declares clear boundaries freeing herself to focus her attention on assertive action rather than projections.

The Aries moon can be a good time to evaluate how you assert your will. Vigorous exercise, martial arts, singing/shouting, artistic catharsis, and writing are all activities that can release fire.

Flower Essences for the Virgo Moon

Virgo is the devoted healer, the physician, and the humble worker bee who is motivated by the urge to be of service to others. She finds fulfillment through the development of meaningful skills that offer autonomy and an internal sense of competence, pride, and integrity.

Virgo wants to develop practical skills. She may be interested in work that involves health and the body such as yoga, complementary medicine, bodywork, nutrition and healthcare. Virgo energy is about mastering discernment, efficiency, and attention to detail. She enjoys working on challenges that require precise thinking such as herbalism, crafting, technology and accounting.

While Virgo’s need to be helpful is endearing. She can sometimes get “stuck in the trees” without being able to “see the forest”. When this happens she can become petty, overly critical and fussy and may begin to pick on herself or others. Virgo is driven by the quest to make things whole and the need to develop order through examining what is not working and by creating strategies for improvement. However, she needs to remember to relax and let go of impossible standards of perfection that can lead to workaholic patterns and burnout.

During the Virgo Moon it can be a good time to analyze your habits and daily routines. You may want to organize your home or workspace and reflect on how you can develop more nurturing routines and satisfying methods for approaching work and service.

Flower Essences for the Pisces Moon

Pisces is the priestess, the social worker, the mystical dreamer, and poetic artist. The fish who swims in two directions is an empathic spirit filled with imagination and caring. Pisces is not of this world. She is emotional, diffuse, contemplative and transcendent. Pisces energy is about connecting to your sense of spiritual power and mystical connection.

This compassionate champion for the underdog is often drawn to professions and relationships where she can be of service. However, it is important for Pisces to be conscious not to neglect her own needs and develop the practice of knowing her own boundaries. While Pisces yearns to experience a sense of selflessness and fusion with others she is truly of service when she a can maintain a strong sense of ego strength and give from a place of wholeness. This way she avoids being a martyr/victim and can draw from her visionary ability to offer an intuitive sense of forgiveness and knowledge of universal love as a healing gift.

During the Pisces moon it can a be a great time to honor nonlinear time, fantasy and your intuition. Take some time to retreat into stillness, silence & meditation and become aware of your subtle connection to higher worlds and renew your sense of faith.

To learn more about Pisces energy listen to this podcast by Mark Jones on Neptune here and this podcast by Maurice Fernandez on Neptune and Pisces here.