Flower Essences for the Libra Moon

During the Libra moon it can be a good time to explore the dynamics of relating. How do you reconcile diverse needs and deal with conflict? Are you able to develop supportive relationships and collaborations? How do you give and receive love?

Libra, the peacemaker, is concerned with developing harmony and cooperation through relationships with others. This social and charming team player appreciates learning about herself by exploring opposing viewpoints. She avoids projection by understanding that the relationships she surrounds herself with offer a mirror to her own self understanding.

Charming and popular Libra wants to create balance but she may find her way to the middle ground by exploring extremes. She is learning to negotiate fair and equal exchanges. This diplomat develops mutual understanding and compromise through a good debate. Her need to find inner peace and equilibrium may inspire her to explore the expression of beauty through artistry, fashion and music.

Libra’s tendency to prioritize the viewpoint of others can lead to ineffective patterns of people pleasing, codependency or superficiality. She needs to be careful not to make choices out of a lack of inner conviction, for the validation of social approval, or the need to be needed. When she is firm about her own needs and desires she avoids shadow Libra qualities such as an aimless debating or appeasing indecisiveness.

To learn more about Libra's quest for equality through social exchange listen to this podcast here.

Flower Essences for the Leo Moon

Leo the leader is a playful clown or a performer. The lioness commands attention as the golden child who creatively serves the collective from being centered in the heart. It is important for Leo to be free to create without getting too caught in the subjective opinions of the audience. This way she learns to express without fear from a place of generosity.

Some people may think of Leo as narcissistic, or a dramatic Queen Bee, but Leo in its highest expression has the ability, as astrologer, Adam Gainsburg says to "center in oneself" and share one's joy. The Leo-type is learning to radiate self-love and authentic creative expression.

This is the self-actualization that comes from the development of the ego. This playful child heart wants to be special and in the limelight but may also be shy because she can be afraid of risking rejection and humiliation. The sensitive Leo type may withdraw for safety and security and in order to individuate and develop a unique creative process. To learn more about the "Offstage Leo" listen to this podcast here.

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Here are some key flower essences that support these Leo themes.

Star Thistle: Ability to share with others due to an inner feeling of abundance, generous and inclusive

Buttercup: Radiant inner light, unattached to outer recognition or fame; self-assured