Flower Essences for the Cancer Moon

Intuitive and sensitive Cancer embodies the lunar feminine. She is deeply attuned to her inner life and her shifting emotions correspond to the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide and the moon’s changing cycles. To cultivate your own connection to the moon check out these 3 tele-classes on sale for only $6 through Portland School of Astrology: Flower Essences for Moon Signs and the Sacred Feminine by Jen Gouvea, Working with the Moon for Personal Empowerment by Rhea Wolf, and Working with the Moon for Personal Productivity by Jaysen Paulson

Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and needs to create a nurturing nest and haven to insulate herself from an insecure world. Like a turtle or a crab she erects a hard shell in order to protect her delicate underbelly. When she embraces open-hearted listening to the intensity of her emotions she is able to develop new levels of empathy, emotional awareness, and maturity that can lead to greater intimacy.

Flower Essences for the Libra Moon

During the Libra moon it can be a good time to explore the dynamics of relating. How do you reconcile diverse needs and deal with conflict? Are you able to develop supportive relationships and collaborations? How do you give and receive love?

Libra, the peacemaker, is concerned with developing harmony and cooperation through relationships with others. This social and charming team player appreciates learning about herself by exploring opposing viewpoints. She avoids projection by understanding that the relationships she surrounds herself with offer a mirror to her own self understanding.

Charming and popular Libra wants to create balance but she may find her way to the middle ground by exploring extremes. She is learning to negotiate fair and equal exchanges. This diplomat develops mutual understanding and compromise through a good debate. Her need to find inner peace and equilibrium may inspire her to explore the expression of beauty through artistry, fashion and music.

Libra’s tendency to prioritize the viewpoint of others can lead to ineffective patterns of people pleasing, codependency or superficiality. She needs to be careful not to make choices out of a lack of inner conviction, for the validation of social approval, or the need to be needed. When she is firm about her own needs and desires she avoids shadow Libra qualities such as an aimless debating or appeasing indecisiveness.

To learn more about Libra's quest for equality through social exchange listen to this podcast here.