Highlights from Winter Flower Essence Class 2012

Here is some beautiful artwork from our Winter Flower Essence Class. Each student worked with a formula for a month and then made art to represent what they had learned.

This is a painting one student created after working with the Iris Essence. Iris encourages a person to tap into soulful creativity and vision.

This is a formula created by a student that consisted of Sage, Blackberry, Golden Yarrow, Iris and Sunflower.
The intention of this formula was to enable her to step into her creative vision and share her wise gifts to others as an elder.

Here is her poem:
I anchor inviolable strength and light within, from Golden Yarrow and express the shining Self from the Sunflower.
I share with community and glean wisdom and insight from the essence of Sage.
I bestow radiant awakened light to the Will-life of the human Soul through the essence of Blackberry.
I build a Rainbow Bridge between spirit and matter, and harness my soul within matter and color to cultivate beauty within myself and the world with the essence of Iris.
In honoring my Soul with the Soul of Natures I become alive and vibrant and truly "iridescent".

This painting/scultpture was created by a student after working with Rabittbrush Essence. Rabbitbrush helps a person to develop holistic thinking. It shows the mind how to integrate big picture thinking with a focused attention to details. The student who created this sculpture found that after working with Rabbitbrush they could understand how many little "dots" of information can fit together like pieces of cohesive puzzle.

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