Flower Essences for the Taurus Moon

During the Taurus Moon it can be a good time to explore your relationship with resources and money. Where do you struggle with issues around scarcity? How do you cultivate survival strategies and create dependable foundations? Are you using your resources wisely?

Taurus is the earth mother, the yoga teacher, the gardener and the entrepreneur. Sensual Taurus finds comfort and peace in her body by connecting to nature and nourishing food. She values serenity and appreciates being able to follow her own rhythms. Loyal Taurus enjoys routines and consistency. Like a cow chewing grass in an open field she cultivates emotional steadiness, patience and contentment.

This security oriented sign has a clear sense of her values and needs which determine her self esteem and self worth. Taurus is the savvy manifestor, she persists by managing her resources to become self sustaining. She takes the time to build a solid and practical base.

Negative Taurus can express herself as materialistic and stubborn. When she is fearful she may become overly attached to the material realm seeking a false sense of protection and control through stockpiling belongings. When this happens she can becomes resistant to healthy changes that allow her to receive new life force. Constricted and stubborn she becomes stuck in the mud.

We live in a society that has become deeply out of alignment with the Earth and her natural state of abundance. Our economic systems instill fear and sense of scarcity contributing to competition that destroys community. We can choose to invest our resources to create communities that are sustainable and that are in alignment with the earth. We can contribute to creating heartfelt connected communities rather than ones that foster fear and a sense of alienation.

Are you in alignment with the earth’s ecosystem and rhythms? What ruts and habitual patterns are you ready to let go of?

Check out this video and book by Charles Eisenstein to lean more about how we can transition to developing a gift economy here.

Check out The Downtown Project, created by the founder of Zappos, which is pioneering a community focused economic model based on building communities of passion in Las Vegas here.

Dr. Sabina Pettitt is a pioneer in the field of Flower Essence Therapy and the creator of Pacific Essences. She has created this fantastic Abundance Program with flower essences and a CD that can help you heal issues around money, relationships, work, family, health, or any area where you are experiencing lack or scarcity here.

To learn more about the Moon, Flower Essences & Astrology you can purchase my tele-class "Flower Essences for the Moon and the Sacred Feminine" here.

Here are some key flower essences that support these Taurus themes.

Secure sense of personal welfare and financial well-being; ability to serve and give to others, helps to heal distortions in survival chakra, fear due to materialistic emphasis, greed for possessions and power; poverty consciousness that leads to overly-materialistic focus

Dissolves blocks to abundance consciousness; transforms attitudes of scarcity into worthiness and willingness to receive

Chestnut Bud
Helps the soul break free of overly repetitive and habitual patterns

Joyous embodiment, spiritual identity integrated with the physical body

California Peony
Celebration of life; healthy instinct for pleasure; cultivation of magnetic and charismatic soul forces through integration with the vital forces in the lower chakras , Heals difficulty with money or power issues and sensuality or sexuality

Able to distinguish higher spiritual identity from temporal personality; transpersonal and transcendent soul expression, heals an overly material focused expression of the soul

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