Flower Essences for the Cancer Moon

Intuitive and sensitive Cancer embodies the lunar feminine. She is deeply attuned to her inner life and her shifting emotions correspond to the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide and the moon’s changing cycles. To cultivate your own connection to the moon check out these 3 tele-classes on sale for only $6 through Portland School of Astrology: Flower Essences for Moon Signs and the Sacred Feminine by Jen Gouvea, Working with the Moon for Personal Empowerment by Rhea Wolf, and Working with the Moon for Personal Productivity by Jaysen Paulson

Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and needs to create a nurturing nest and haven to insulate herself from an insecure world. Like a turtle or a crab she erects a hard shell in order to protect her delicate underbelly. When she embraces open-hearted listening to the intensity of her emotions she is able to develop new levels of empathy, emotional awareness, and maturity that can lead to greater intimacy.

Cancer the caretaker enjoys nurturing herself and others. She values a sense of home and family. Nesting, cuddling, cooking, celebrating family occasions, and connecting to ancestors and tradition creates for her the experience of belonging. One-parent families are now the norm and traditional family structures have become a myth for many people. We live in cultural times that allow us the creative freedom to re-invent and re-define how we choose to create family and tribal alliances.

Cancer is happiest when she is able to help others to grow by providing a sense of protection, encouragement and love. Caring Cancer needs to allow herself to receive love as much as she gives to others even if this leaves her open to feeling vulnerable. She can grow resentful and moody if she gives away too much of her energy and when this happens she can become emotionally manipulative, smothering and needy. She needs to practice giving to others from an internal sense of fulfillment and abundance and this way she avoids creating unbalanced psychic attachments and exchanges.

Empathic and energy sensitive she may need to carve out time and a retreat space to care for herself. She can benefit from using clearing sprays, aromatherapy, visualizations, and music to disconnect herself from the overwhelm of tuning into other people’s emotions and needs.

How do you develop a sense of inner security and comfort?
What methods do you use to attune to the subtlety of your inner world?
Have you developed a family of choice in the present?
Do you have unresolved emotional wounding that you are ready to let go of?
Are there dietary changes you would like to make that can better nourish your body and soul?

To learn more about the Moon, Flower Essences & Astrology you can purchase my tele-class "Flower Essences for the Moon and the Sacred Feminine" here.

Here are some flower essences that can support these Cancer themes:

Mariposa Lily: Supports the development of maternal consciousness, warm, feminine and nurturing; mother-child bonding, positive connection to mother and similar female figures

Calendula: Supports the development of perception and sensitivity in listening to another; allowing warm, nurturing communication with others

Hermit Crab (a sea essence): The development of the ability to enjoy 'alone-ness', contentment, being comfortable in solitude with oneself when facing feelings of loneliness.

Barnacle (a sea essence): For attuning with the feminine aspect of the self and for developing intuition and radical trust

Joshua Tree: Individuation of soul forces through conscious transformation of family patterns and related cultural conditioning. The experience of enhanced freedom and compassionate insight for family and culture of origin.

Pink Yarrow: Capacity to develop loving awareness of others within a field of self-contained consciousness and maintain appropriate emotional boundaries when there is a lack of emotional clarity and dysfunctional merging with others

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